To provide quality lacrosse instruction in a fun and competitive environment for the youth in our community. We strive to offer programs that will promote the sport, emphasize sportsmanship and develop team concepts. We will develop and manage community p
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Lacrosse is a fun, safe sport for all ages.  However, as in any team sport, injuries can occur.  In order to minimize the risk of injury, you must have the correct equipment and protective gear and wear it properly.  Blue Ridge Lacrosse Club participants are required to wear protective gear for all practices and games, unless otherwise indicated.

Equipment Loaner Program:

Boys programs require that the player wear a helmet, mouthguard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a protective cup.

The purpose of this program is to allow new families to try lacrosse without "investing" in equipment for the first year.  Through this program, you may rent a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves.  Our policy is that a new player is allowed to participate in the loaner program for one season (spring or fall.)  After this time, we ask that you be considerate of other new players and purchase your own protective equipment.

All players are responsible for providing their own lacrosse stick, mouth guard and athletic cup.

If you are interested in our Loaner Equipment Program, please email BRLC at

Below is a list of required and recommended equipment.


Lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, mouthguard and protective cup.


Cleats and/or rib pads.


Lacrosse stick, goggles (eye protection) and mouthguard.  Cleats optional

Tips for Purchasing Equipment:

Equipment doesn't need to be the most expensive on the market.  Helmets normally range from $100 up (less on sale), but be sure to get one that fits properly.  Shoulder pads start as low as $25.00, gloves as low as $25.00 and arm pads as low as $20.00.  Sticks can start at $29.00 for a complete starter set.  Most starting players will do well with inexpensive sticks and can move up as their abilities improve.

Mouthguards are an important piece of protective gear and must be worn for practice, as well as games. They are often available in the sports department of Play It Again Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target and WalMart.  Please take the time to make sure the mouth guard fits properly and to replace it frequently.

Play It Again Sports located on 221 in Forest carries lacrosse equipment - sticks, helmets, balls and protective gear.  The local Dick's Sporting Goods also carries lacrosse equipment at various times during the year.

In addition, equipment can be purchased through specialty companies online.  Blue Ridge Lacrosse provides this list as a convenience to our members, but is not recommending or guaranteeing any store, website or brand.

Online sites include: