To provide quality lacrosse instruction in a fun and competitive environment for the youth in our community. We strive to offer programs that will promote the sport, emphasize sportsmanship and develop team concepts. We will develop and manage community p
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In an effort to provide more information about the tournament program, we have attempted to anticipate questions with the following answers:

Q:       How will tryouts be conducted and teams selected?
A:        Each player will be evaluated during drills and small group play. Coaches will be evaluating stick skills, passing, dodging, shooting, defending, goalie play (if applicable), and general lacrosse IQ. After tryouts, coaches will meet to discuss each player. Team roster spots will be determined based on player skill and team needs. For example, a team of 22-25 players may require 4-5 attack, 11-12 midfielders, 6 defenders, 3-4 of which may need to be comfortable with long poles, and 1-2 goalies on the roster.

Q:       What does the registration fee cover?
A:        The spring/summer registration fee is $495 per player for U13 covers registration fees for all tournaments, team pinnies and shorts, stipends for college coaches, and other ancillary costs. Scholarships will be considered for players/parents who are unable to afford registration fees.

Q:        After registering, I found out my son can participate in only some of the tournaments we earlier committed to attend. Can I prorate my son’s registration fees or get a partial refund?
A:        Unfortunately, registration fees cannot be prorated or refunded before or after registration.
These fees are calculated to cover the fixed costs of the spring/summer tournament program, not for the program to profit, based on the number of players and tournaments. To prorate or refund registration fees after the program has itself registered teams to play in several tournaments would create a loss.

Q:       Can my son play on just the tournament team and skip rec or school play?
A:        No. The tournament team was created to operate within and complement existing rec, school or home school programs, not compete with them. A player must participate in at least one rec, school or home school program for which they are eligible in order to participate in the tournament program.

Q:       Will you be fielding a U15 tournament team?
A:        We want to field a U15 team and are working on creating the infrastructure to do so. Stay tuned for more information.

Q:        Who will be administering the program?
A:        The U13 tournament team will be administered through the Blue Ridge Lacrosse Club, a 501c(3) charitable organization. Each team will have at least one head coach, who will have primary responsibility for practice and game management, assistant coaches composed of qualified parents and college players/students, and a separate parent/volunteer administrator to handle administrative details for the team, to include player/team  registration information, player/parent communications regarding practices and games, tournament travel accommodations, and coordination of game day drinks, food, tents, etc.

Q:        Can my son “play up” with an older age group?
A:        A player cannot “play up” to play with a team at an older age bracket unless the player’s parents/guardians first give permission for the player to do so and the coach of the team at the player’s age group and the coach of the older team both consent. The final decision about “playing up” will be made by the coach of the team at the older age bracket in that coach’s sole discretion after considering team size, playing time, team needs, the younger player’s ability, size, and safety, and the size and playing ability of competition at the older age group.
Additional questions?   
Please email Laura Hamilton  
or Bob Carter