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NOCSAE-Decertified Lacrosse Helmets


The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) establishes safety standards for athletic equipment.  Applicable rules of play require lacrosse helmets to meet NOCSAE standards.  NOCSAE concluded that two lacrosse helmets (Cascade R and Warrior Regulator) do not meet safety standards.  As such, those two lacrosse helmets cannot, absent safety modifications and/or replacement as described below, be worn during play, including practices and games.

  1. Cascade R Helmet     

Cascade models CPV-R, CPX-R and CS-R, while they have an “R” in their name and on the helmets, are not affected by NOCSAE’s decertification of the Cascade R and can be worn during play.


NOCSAE, after decertifying the Cascade R, concluded that helmet can be made to comply with NOCSAE standards if the manufacturer makes certain after-market safety modification to the helmet.  Once the manufacturer has modified the helmet to comply with NOCSAE standards, a tamper-resistant sticker will be applied to the back of the helmet.

After a Cascade R helmet has been modified by the manufacturer, the helmet is no longer a decertified Cascade R model, is considered a “new” model (Cascade R-M), and can be worn during play.  Cascade R helmets that are not modified by the manufacturer as described above will remain illegal at all levels of play and cannot be worn.


  1. Warrior Regulator Helmet

Warrior Regulator helmets can be identified by long triangular air vents over the temple area of the helmet.


Warrior TII helmets, which have a larger diamond/egg shaped opening at the temple and “TII” lettering visible at the vent, are not affected by NOCSAE’s decertification of the Warrior Regulator and can be worn during play.

In response to decertification of the Warrior Regulator, the helmet’s manufacturer has agreed to replace the decertified model with a new Warrior Regulator II model, which meets NOCSAE standards.  Decertified Warrior Regulator helmets must be returned to the manufacturer or an approved retailer before a new replacement NOCSAE-certified helmet will be issued.   


The Warrior Regulator II helmet is a new model, different than the Warrior Regulator, and can easily be identified by large “Regulator II” lettering on the rear of the helmet.  The Warrior Regulator has no lettering at the same location on the rear of the helmet.  


While the new Warrior Regulator II model helmet is NOCSAE-certified and can be worn during play, original Warrior Regulator models remain de-certified, are illegal for play at all levels, and cannot be worn.